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Our entry for the #VRJAM16! 'Stay awhile and listen!' is a tile-based exploration game inspired by early text adventures like Zork. Explore the landscape and solve small puzzles to reach the goal in the middle of the map! Ludum Dare theme: "Shapeshift". We don't shapeshift the player or enemies, but the world. While you explore, the world gets built and shifted around you.

The game is made with and for Oculus Rift DK2 and is compatible with Runtime 0.8.. You need only your headset and a mouse to play. Click with the mouse to interact with the buttons & the environment. Press Escape to return to the menu.

'Stay awhile and listen!' was made in cooperation between Marcel Pfaffhauser and Janina Woods (@Kaori_Ino) during the #VRJAM16.

[GAMEPLAY HINT SPOILER] To solve the game you need to find letters in the right colour to match them with the right word. [/SPOILER]

Install instructions

Unzip the folder and start the .exe

Make sure you have a compatible runtime (0.8 works!) installed and running


Stay awhile and listen! - Windows / Oculus Runtime 0.8 Build 123 MB

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